TRX Knockoffs Are More Common Than You Think

Every 2-3 months I will have a client ask or blog reader of mine e-mail asking about a deal the found on a TRX. Most of the time it is on e-bay or craigslist. Each time they tell me they have found a TRX for a ridiculous price and plan to buy it but wanted to verify the source with me. I can not personally speak as to the legitimacy of any business or their product for others, but I can say with a great deal of certainty that if the price is that good, odds are, you are getting a fake.

Sadly I have had two clients (that I know of) get duped into purchasing one of these frauds. For one of them, I was able to help get their money back. I called the seller from e-bay and let them know who I was and that I was a registered TRX affiliate and that they sold my client a fake TRX. They swore up and down that it was legitimate and refused to refund the money….until I let them know that my next call was going to be to Fitness Anywhere to let them know of this trademark infringement and fraud. The money was refunded 12 hours later but they refused to speak with me further.

The following was an article on the fitness anywhere blog regarding this issue. I just wanted to share it with you all.

Dangerous TRX Fakes Discovered in Italy

by faiwriter [2011-01-26 10:43 AM]

Like Cartier and Rolex, the sterling quality of the TRX triad of best-in-class products, education, and programming has given rise to a motley collection of dangerous counterfeits and inferior knock-offs. We want you to know that our legal team is hard at work finding and crushing infringers all over the world. If you’re wondering what kind of people are behind these knock-off products, witness exhibit A: police and customs agents in Rome, Italy recently seized a shipment containing large quantities of steroids and counterfeit TRX Suspension Trainers in the same crate.

Far from being made with the same durable construction and heavy duty materials that TRX uses, these phony products were cobbled together to just barely deceive the untrained eye of a deal-hungry Web surfer. The unfortunate customers who do purchase counterfeit TRX Suspension Trainers regularly call us to report that their straps have failed, sometimes dangerously.

TRX stops at nothing to protect loyal consumers from buying dangerous copy-cat products that jeopardize their safety.

Here are some ways to spot the knock-offs:

1. The price is too good to be true. That’s because it’s fake. Spend a few extra bucks to get the genuine article and maybe save yourself a trip to the ER.

2. The seller seems questionable. If you have any inkling whatsoever that the seller is neither TRX nor an authorized TRX distributor, check with us at 888-878-5348.

3. Inferior workmanship: The TRX Label might be upside down (or the entirely wrong product label is applied), something might be funky with the handles, the door anchor might seem questionable. . . the list goes on. In general, the counterfeits will be made of low-quality components with poor manufacturing, so look for fraying or missing stitches, malfunctioning carabineers or buckles, or any indication of poor manufacturing and quality control standards.

Our main piece of advice is, “If you’re unsure, call us.” If you have purchased a TRX product that you now believe to be a TRX knock-off, please let us know (the customer service number is 888-878-5348, option 5) and we’ll help you try to get your money back. We have good relationships with all the major credit cards and payment services (e.g., PayPal) for this very reason and have had some success retrieving money.

We appreciate your loyalty and diligence and we value the TRX community’s desire to help root-out the bad operators behind these scams.

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